Purpose of The Organization

The purpose of the Trustee Ministry will be to manage the properties and material possessions of the Oak Grove Baptist Church.The purpose will be achieved by the following:

  1. Assuming full responsibility for the care and maintenance of the church building, possessions, and properties.
  2. Inspecting and monitoring the cash flow of income and expenses of the church for the purposes of accountability.
  3. Keeping the church family apprised of the status of the church properties, expenses, and income.
  4. Establishing/Managing an ongoing building and maintenance checklist.

Mission Statement and Goals

The Oak Grove Trustee Ministry will work together with the Church body to serve the needs of the church by managing the Church's financial affairs, protecting its resources and attending to its business matters.


  • To exercise prudence and wisdom in the use of the Church's resources
  • To set the example of being good stewards
  • To ensure the functionality, safety, and security of the church building during regular and scheduled inspections of its physical structure and properties
  • To maintain the church building as a pleasing,physical environment that is always ready and comfortable for worship
  • To evaluate decisions and actions made by the Trustee Ministry to determine best practices
  • To add technology and other enhancements to advance church operations, services and outreach activities