Media, Marketing & Technology

Mission Statement:

Through the many technical areas included under the umbrella of the MM&T Ministry, we strive to:

  • Enhance the worship experience through audio and video systems, lighting design, monitoring technology, advertisement, and photography.
  • Go beyond the physical walls of our church by way of the Oak Grove Website, Facebook page, and other media outlets to invite others to learn of God's love, mercy, and grace that are being experienced at Oak Grove.
  • Provide technical resources and advertisement tools and that will communicate to, and enable viewers, guests, and the congregation to develop a closer and deeper walk with God.


  • Operate and control the sound system during worship service and other special events.
  • Continue to develop, update, and manage the church's web site.
  • Video and record church sermons, gospel programs, and other special events.
  • Develop advertisement tools and ideas to bring awareness of Oak Grove's activities and programs to the community.
  • Continue to develop, upgrade, and expand our technical capabilities and resources.
  • Become fully comfortable with the operation, maintenance and protection of all systems and equipment purchased by Oak Grove.