Through prayer, study and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we as Deconesses prepare ourselves spiritually to assist in the spiritual oversight of the church and to glorify God through our service to others.



Deaconess Ministry Members

  • Deaconess Emma Ambrose
  • Deaconess Emma Bush
  • Deaconess Geri Diggs
  • Deaconess Verlene Garrett
  • Deaconess Lorri Jackson-Reid
  • Deaconess Renee Smith
  • Deaconess Carolyn Togans
  • Deaconess Joyce Brooks
  • Deaconess MaryEllen Williams
  • Deaconess Lottie Spurlock
  • Deaconess Janice Biggs
  • Deaconess Eva Powell
  • Deaconess Christine Webb